My Steps to Healthy Eating


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My Steps to Healthy Eating

Regina Nantege

Twitter: @regisdietitian

Holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Kyambogo University, Uganda.
Regina has accumulated nutrition experience in over 4years of designing effective personalised diet programs especially for diabetes care and weight management.

She trains youth in white meat and aromatic herbs processing and cookery to facilitate growth in agri-business at Gudie Leisure Farm, Najjera.
Regina is also part time Tutorial Assistant at Uganda Christian University.
Quality control manager at RENA Beverage Solutions Limited, healthy beverage manufacturing company.
She has participated in research as a research associate in the SYBAWHEY project investigating the Utilization of Banana flour as a functional ingredient in bread at Aristotle University (Greece), Department of Food Chemistry.

You can access her clinical Dietitian services at AAR HealthCare, Uganda or through her online mindful diet program in the comfort of your home.
She is passionate about building youth businesses as a youth proprietor of Point of Touch Nutrition and Health Services Company Limited.

My Steps to Healthy Eating

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting is not a complete diet in it’s self.

Having your foods eaten at a particular time, leaving periods of fast is beneficial to weight loss.
These periods of fast give your body a chance to burn fast as your blood glucose levels are low so indeed the body will utilise it’s fat stores for energy during those hours.

There are also lower insulin levels during the fasting time so the body burns fat instead of storing it. ( Insulin is a hormone triggered when we eat, and when it’s high we store fat more).

This also explains why eating all the time ( small frequent meals) is discouraged in weight loss. *Give your body a low blood glucose moment, you will burn more fat*
Yes indeed you will benefit from intermittent fasting but back to why I said intermittent fasting is not a complete diet on it’s own,
You won’t lose over 5kgs if you do not pair it with low calorie eating.
If you fast say 16 hours but the time you eat, you pile on over 1800 calories in one meal, you still won’t lose the weight coz low calorie intake is the gold standard of weight loss.

Please note there are so many diet trends and so many to come but this doesn’t make the basics of weight loss invalid.

In terms of chronic disease management, IF shud be used with guidance as it may not be beneficial for all medical conditions

Regina Dietitian

My Steps to Healthy Eating

Choose Red Tea over Black Tea

Hibiscus is a red tea produced from hibiscus sabdarrifa calyx. Hibiscus is locally known as ‘kimusayi’ in Buganda, ‘malakwang’ in Northern Uganda or ‘kelekede’.

Rena hibiscus tea, cholesterol lowering drink
Organic hibiscus tea by Rena beverages, cholesterol lowering drink


The hibiscus calyx/flower is rich in Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Iron and antioxidants from polyphenols and organic acids.

HIBISCUS HEALTH BENEFITS; as compiled from various research studies and our customer testimonies.

  1. Hibiscus offers relief to women with menopause hot flashes and menstrual pains. It is amaizing how many young girls get relief in schools from drinking hibiscus. We provide the hibiscus to school nurses to help girls.
  2. The beverage is rich in Vitamin C which is an immune booster therefore increasing one’s resistance to illness. Hibiscus drinkers get less flus. We have noted better immunity (improved CD4 count) among persons living with HIV/AIDS. The Vitamin C also prevents flu and colds.
  3. Improved blood lipid profile, antioxidants reduce accumulation of cholesterol in blood (Cholesterol lowering effect).
  4. Research shows that consuming 3 cups of hibiscus beverages for weeks lowers blood pressure. This is attributed to the antioxidant properties of the hibiscus sabdariffa beverage.
  5. Diabetes management, the lower cholesterol, triglycerides, free fatty acid, bad cholesterol brought by drinking hibiscus increases insulin sensitivity and therefore better blood glucose control among persons diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus through control of blood sugar levels.
  6. Blood booster; People with anaemia benefit from Hibiscus as it contains Iron a nutrient vital for making up the red blood cells.
  7. Better appetite in children and adults. We need more vitamins for appetite and hibiscus is a rich source of vitamin C, you can add to juices or serve as plan hibiscus juice (children often prefer juices).

Get hibiscus that is processed to conserve the nutrients to get the best of the health benefits. Contact +256788559580.

Regina Dietitian-Rena Beverages Solutions

My Steps to Healthy Eating


Hypertension is persistently high blood pressure. You need to control high blood pressure to reduce risk of getting heart attacks and strokes.
Persons drinking hibiscus tea have lower blood pressure levels. The best blood pressure lowering results are seen in individuals drinking three cups of hibiscus tea daily over a period of three months.
The blood pressure lowering effect is attributed to the antioxidants naturally occurring in the hibiscus calyx (flower). Anthocyanin (the red color in hibiscus) is the main antioxidant.
Does Hibiscus Use Alone Lower Blood Pressure?
One should include other lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure:
1. Eat Potassium rich foods daily; bananas and avocados are excellent sources of Potassium.
2. Eat more vegetables with each meal.
3. Reduce salt consumption and avoid high Sodium foods.
4. Avoid CAFFEINE containing foods like colas and coffee. Black tea also contains an amount of caffeine too.
5. Go in for caffeine free teas like hibiscus and green tea.
6. Exercise daily: engage in light exercises like walks instead of fast runs if you are hypertensive.
7. Be happy, be happy
What about my medication?
We encourage all persons looking to NATURALLY lower blood pressure to follow their medical treatments as they introduce lifestyle changes. It is possible for persons to go off the daily anti-hypertension drugs but its very irresponsible for one with uncontrolled high blood pressure to not seek guidance before stopping medication.
We therefore offer dietary guidance before purchase of health food products to give you the best results.
TASTE: Hibiscus is a red tea with a lemon tea taste.