My Steps to Healthy Eating


Hypertension is persistently high blood pressure. You need to control high blood pressure to reduce risk of getting heart attacks and strokes.
Persons drinking hibiscus tea have lower blood pressure levels. The best blood pressure lowering results are seen in individuals drinking three cups of hibiscus tea daily over a period of three months.
The blood pressure lowering effect is attributed to the antioxidants naturally occurring in the hibiscus calyx (flower). Anthocyanin (the red color in hibiscus) is the main antioxidant.
Does Hibiscus Use Alone Lower Blood Pressure?
One should include other lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure:
1. Eat Potassium rich foods daily; bananas and avocados are excellent sources of Potassium.
2. Eat more vegetables with each meal.
3. Reduce salt consumption and avoid high Sodium foods.
4. Avoid CAFFEINE containing foods like colas and coffee. Black tea also contains an amount of caffeine too.
5. Go in for caffeine free teas like hibiscus and green tea.
6. Exercise daily: engage in light exercises like walks instead of fast runs if you are hypertensive.
7. Be happy, be happy
What about my medication?
We encourage all persons looking to NATURALLY lower blood pressure to follow their medical treatments as they introduce lifestyle changes. It is possible for persons to go off the daily anti-hypertension drugs but its very irresponsible for one with uncontrolled high blood pressure to not seek guidance before stopping medication.
We therefore offer dietary guidance before purchase of health food products to give you the best results.
TASTE: Hibiscus is a red tea with a lemon tea taste.

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