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Your body (waistline) and health is your responsibility despite the busy schedule

Your willing to reduce belly fat or control blood glucose levels but never commit to eating and exercise plans because of a busy schedule. Your truly not willing enough if you ask for a quick fix to your health challenges.

Busy work schedules can mean getting home too tired and getting up early the next day but without health you will not be able to run the busy schedules.

Despite the busy schedule, you an modify the following about your diet and lifestyle.

The WHY, reasons to adjust lifestyle can include managing a chronic disease like diabetes and hypertension, getting rid of excess belly fat, preventing constipation or managing stress.

Personally I am motivated by the impact of lifestyle change on the health of my clients, oh and also I love my waistline (have to maintain it).

Healthy lifestyle for busy persons
Keep off the belly fat

Create Time, Cut out long chats with colleagues at the end of a working day to allow you reach home earlier for exercise.

I keep away from passive activities like social media and TV to create time for exercise.
Download an app lock app that limits access to time consuming applications.

The Routine, attach healthy habits to daily activities.

  1. Drink a glass of water , when you step out of bed, before you get into bed, before each meal. With this, you are already 5glasses of water out of the recommended 3liters daily. (Just a minute of your 24hours)
  2. Eat your breakfast as soon as you sit at your work desk or better still before you step out for work. (10minutes)
  3. Skip a rope, jog around your house or do push-ups before you take a shower. (flexible time)
  4. Stop by the gym for a one hour workout, better than the evening traffic jam or that stop over at a bar.
  5. Engage your family in your health routine. Let the children make salad for the next day and pack it into carriable containers.
  6. Save the time you spend making large unncessary dinners. Eat a light dinner.
  7. Plan your breakfast before you sleep. Sign up for healthy cookery sessions for quick breakfast recipes (less than 20minutes cooking time) modified for your dietary needs.
  8. Walk or jog home from work. Tried this a few weeks back, felt good to walk the distance of 7kilometers, it was better than the car. But you won’t know about the great feeling of accomplishment till you try it. Yes, carry your sports shoes and walk at leisure if it’s your first time. You will reach home a few minutes late but that’s okay.
  9. Order special workplace lunch, in Uganda, the biggest problem is the large carbohydrate portions so for healthier lunch I ask for one carbohydrate portion and a bowl of vegetables ( this is the special order as it’s often not available). This is in addition to the protein choice. Ordering at about 8am allows the caterer, to prepare your healthy plate.
  10. Buy cucumbers and oranges in bulk, among other fruits and vegetables that don’t spoil quickly for two weeks supply.
  11. Getting a personalized lifestyle plan also saves you the wasted time downloading online diet and exercise guides that may not suit your schedule and local foods. Email
  12. You can follow me on Twitter for quick mindful eating tips. Also have an amazing product range of healthy teas for you. Check out Rena beverages solutions on Facebook.
Disease Prevention, My Steps to Healthy Eating, Weight Management

The Big boned can attain healthy weight too

I have big bones!! It’s not fat

Our bodies have ability to keep a balance in water composition, bone mass density, fat free mass including lean muscle therefore when one has excess weight as classified from BMI calculations >25 (weight compared to height) it is fat mass and therefore requires utilisation for energy from increased excercise and reduced intake of excess energy foods to avoid storage of excess sugars and fats as body fats(excess body fat loss=weight loss).

You can estimate body fat composition using a skin fold caliper or more commonly your waist circumference (measures excess abdominal fat).

There are just a few cases of weight from muscle mass and rarely exceed BMI 30 (obesity).

Maintain a healthy weight.

Regina Dietitian

Chronic Disease Dietary Management, Disease Prevention, My Steps to Healthy Eating, Nutrient Banks, Weight Management

“Bad” Dietary supplements contain unapproved drug ingredients as reported by an analysis of US Food and Drug approved supplements

Who is offering the right diet solutions to health seekers without truly compromising their health?

I am highly concerned about persons with chronic conditions and risk factors such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, morbid obesity and hyperlipidemia as they are a customer niche for the growing billion dollar dietary supplement business. In an effort to improve health Dietary supplements are increasingly consumed by children, adults and persons with chronic disease but may contain harmful medicine ingredients.

Dietary supplements are powders, pills and liquids containing vitamins,minerals,herbals and plant extracts intended to improve nutrition or achieve particular health goals.

Muscle gain, weight loss and sexual enhancing supplements are the most selling dietary supplements. The study published on 12th October, 2018 shows that 776 of the over counter supplements analysed from 2007 to 2016 had undeclared medicine components in unknown concentrations for example;

  1. Sexual enhancers were commonly found to contain medications for sexual dysfunction for which over use may lead to damage of blood vessels.
  2. Weight loss supplements contained sinbutramine a banned ingredient in drugs for its side effects on heart health and laxative effects.
  3. Muscle gain dietary supplements contained anabolic steriods. slimming pillsmuscle pills

Many individuals perceive dietary supplements as 100% healthy and may not have restrictions on dosage which increases intake of the unexpected medicine components. And let’s not forget the toxic effects of excessive intake of some nutrients like Vitamin A that can cause birth defects if taken in excess by pregnant women. Self prescribed supplements commonly plant extracts may reduce action of your prescribed medications for example the danger of taking large amounts of vitamin K (promotes clotting) while taking blood thinning medications.


We may not know which particular supplements on Ugandan market were found to have unauthorised ingredients but remember majority of supplements are imported from the US.

Enhance your Nutrition with no worry;

Your decision to improve nutrient intake for health can be achieved with rich food sources. Supplements should only be considered a supplementation not the first source of nutrients. Dietitians design diet plans to promote micro-nutrient intake based on individual needs.

In the search for improved sexual function; choose high antioxidant and zinc rich foods like fruits, vegetables and red teas. For zinc choose nuts mainly groundnuts, pumpkin seeds, simsim or sesame seeds.

From my experience, Weight loss from dietary supplements does not last. Many individuals have purchased tens of different supplements and fail to attain healthy weight but benefit from consulting a Dietitian where they get the lasting fat loss without harming health. Always seek personalised weight management programs for better results. Low carbohydrate diets with focus on healthy eating behaviour change make many of my weight loss seeking clients smile without inclusion of diet pills.

Muscle gain supplements containing creatine have significant evidence on effectiveness and therefore one can look out for reputable brands however it is possible to achieve muscle mass on a high protein diet and right exercise.
If anyone is taking fiber supplements, throw them away and embrace natural with three servings of fiber rich foods like chia seeds, flax seeds high fruit and vegetable like bananas, avocados and greens. These foods can be eaten whole or incorporated into smoothies, raw salads, sauted greens and unseived juice blends and i certainly don’t know a tastier laxative when when paired with proper hydration and exercise.

Health proffesionals only recommend supplements when it is impossible for the individual to attain the required nutrients from food.


Regina Nantege – Dietitian