My Steps to Healthy Eating

Regina Nantege

Twitter: @regisdietitian

Holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Kyambogo University, Uganda.
Regina has accumulated nutrition experience in over 4years of designing effective personalised diet programs especially for diabetes care and weight management.

She trains youth in white meat and aromatic herbs processing and cookery to facilitate growth in agri-business at Gudie Leisure Farm, Najjera.
Regina is also part time Tutorial Assistant at Uganda Christian University.
Quality control manager at RENA Beverage Solutions Limited, healthy beverage manufacturing company.
She has participated in research as a research associate in the SYBAWHEY project investigating the Utilization of Banana flour as a functional ingredient in bread at Aristotle University (Greece), Department of Food Chemistry.

You can access her clinical Dietitian services at AAR HealthCare, Uganda or through her online mindful diet program in the comfort of your home.
She is passionate about building youth businesses as a youth proprietor of Point of Touch Nutrition and Health Services Company Limited.


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