Regina Nantege aka RegisDietitian

Proprietor and Lead Dietitian_Impact Nutrition Company

Nutrition Approach: “Lifetime Diet” My purpose is to reduce the global disease burden by developing innovative and sustainable dietary behaviour change programs.

Education: I hold a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and currently undertaking Masters studies  (2021) in the same feild.

I have worked as a Dietitian to address nutrition concerns like; nutrient deficiencies, proper nutrition for lactating mothers, diabetes care, gut health and weight management since 2017.
To increase access to Nutrition expert services for individuals with dietary non communicable diseases, obesity and malnutrition, I started the wellness hero club to inspire communities to eat healthy. Without proper diets, comunities miss out on an opportunity to reduce disease burden.
For holistic health care at the different care points, we offer clinical nutrition services in partnership with health and wellness companies.

Agro-processing: I have expertise in functional food product development as I worked with the banana flour project-Thessoloniki University-Greece, Rena Beverage Tea bag project-Uganda and aromatic and medicinal plants products at GIC.

Fitness Fact: Hiked the Rwenzori mountains to the highest peak. I exercise by running and swimming. Wellness Habit: personal time to recharge 

 You can hire me as a personal Dietitian, speaker at a wellness event, meal planning and nutrition programs for individuals and groups. 
Email: regisdietitian@gmail.com