My10: A 10 day kick start to a healthy lifestyle. Get yourself into routine by only sparing 10minutes a day for your health ( meTime). A good way to boost your immunity naturally, help your child boost appetite, manage constipation, increase breast milk supply and reduce menstrual pains for females. Only ten minute commitment is needed. The package has a consultation session, you are provided a list of foods to include in your diet and right quantities tailored to your health goal and diet assessment results. Consultation Fee: 50,000 UGX at clinic or through Telephone and Online (Wats Up and Email).

Effortless diet change that soon becomes a lifestyle yeilding better health.

Grace, Public Health Specialist and mother of 2.
Impact Nutrition Client since 2018

Lifetime 30: A 30 Day Personal Dietitian service. Includes a 7day meal plan. The program is suitable for individuals with Calcium and Iron Deficiency. Reduce risk of medical complications as a newly diagnosed Diabetic with good nutrient intake while on this package as you will help your body maintain a normal blood glucose with food. Refer friends with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and lactating mothers seeking to lose postnatal weight.

You are asked to kindly make full payment of 150,000 at start of lifetime30 program.

A normal blood glucose level is below 8mmols. Its miraculous for a Diabetic patient to achieve normal blood glucose levels. Food is a miracle.

Lifetime 100: Personal Dietitian service for 100days. Includes monthly individualised meal plan and bi-weekly reviews. Your nutrition expert is also a call or chat away all through the 100days. This program is suitable for persons with over 10kgs excess body weight and individuals with chronic diseases. The program costs range from 350,000 to 600,000 UGX . You will be asked to make an initial commitment fee of 150,000 at start of program.

Personal Dietitian: Nantege Regina
Doctors refer patients to help them adopt the diet changes needed to help them recover faster.
Weight Loss Progress by a committed client

TO SUBSCRIBE PLEASE CONTACT : +256784200201 OR +256701835993 EMAIL: or The Physical Services only available to Uganda and Kenya and we plan to expand our Dietitians reach. Online and Telephone Services available to all in English and French language. Our Dietitians also use Local East African languages.

JOIN THE WELLNESS HERO TEAM: EAT HEALTHY AND INSPIRE ANOTHER PERSON TO EAT HEALTHIER BY SIMPLY SHARING YOUR PICTURES OF HEALTHY TASTY MEALS OR TELLING A FRIEND OR PATIENT ABOUT YOUR HEALTHIER SELF. Sharing is Caring. We will share wellness food stuffs and items with you for motivating another human to have a better quality of life with our programs.