My Steps to Healthy Eating

Healthy food is a form is self care

Sadly, we cannot avoid all forms of bad health but we are gifted with the ability to reduce risk of many of the 21st century causes of mortality ( non communicable diseases).

Realistic Health and Lifestyle Goals

  • General health checks in January
  • Cancer screening by February
  • Weight loss
  • Manage blood glucose, cholesterol, heart disease
  • Road safety
  • Exercise atleast three times a week
  • Mindful eating
  • Manage stress
  • Visit the gynaecologist
  • Lower medicines budget
  • Smaller alcohol budget
  • Bigger fruit and vegetable budget

Achieving the health goals

Regular health checks save lives

  1. Cancer screening (cervical cancer screening for sexually active women above 25years, prostate cancer screening for men aged 40years, breast cancer self examination monthly). Women with STDs are at higher risk of cervical cancer. It is worth the expense and we can also benefit from free cancer screening services offered in health camps.
  2. Blood pressure checks ( walk to a nearby Clinic)
  3. Blood lipid profiles
  4. Body weight and fat composition (Know your healthy weight range)
  5. Check for infections and visit doctor when ill
  6. Follow to treatment plan to avoid worsening of infections
  7. Diet Assessment,
    have a Dietitian analyse your diet, know what changes you need to make for overall health (immunity, bone health, vitamin and mineral needs, sexuality, pre-conception, pregnancy, elderly)

Take Action Now

  1. Sign up for a month’s exercise plan at a gym.
  2. Buy a skipping rope, weights and yoga mat and make a plan to use them.
  3. Get a family member or friend to reminder to exercise daily. (Free lifestyle coach)
  4. Join a running group in your area.
  5. Track your exercise with a mobile app or exercise journal.
  6. Spend less time sitting in your coach and exercise.


Some deadlines are worth no sleep at all but are they truly supposed to be done in the time of a good night rest?

Work Smart, Rest , Eat Well and Be Happy

Health Eating Environment

  1. Use local foods in your diet (saves you the costly shopping list) and besides people you stay with may not enjoy the new food stuffs
  2. Buy a salad dish and water bottle
  3. Spend on an individualised nutrition program (your diet needs are unique)
  4. Have a fruit basket rather than stocking high sugar snacks like biscuits and cakes.
  5. Serve vegetables first at a meal.
  6. No need for a salt shaker at your dinning table.
  7. Buy less sugar and don’t stock more till end of month. (How much sugar do u buy each month?)
  8. Join a healthy eating group
  9. Keep a food journal
  10. Get a healthy food restaurant or pay extra for a healthier meal from your local caterer.
  11. Drink a beer less every month.
  12. Save for tours instead of spending on beers for leisure.
  13. Keep your chocolate money for a shoe you like. Abstaining from box of your favorite chocolate can get you that nice exercise outfit
  14. Stock more vegetables and fruits.

Healthy lifestyle offers reduced risk of complications (kidney failure, heart attacks and stroke) when one is diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol and other forms of heart disease or struggling with depression.

Regina Nantege



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