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I hate the nausea that comes with drinking warm water?

You have had about the importance of staying hydrated but do you drink the recommended 8glasses of water or more each day.

Experiencing just 3% dehydration, lowers metabolism for example if one often burn 2,000 calories daily, they burn you burn about 40 calories fewer per dehydrated day.

Is this a big deal? Yes, this is nearly a tenth of the calories burnt during your one hour work out session (averagely 400 to 500calories utilised for spinning or aerobics) and averagely similar calories you take in with your healthy fruit say eating just a half of a medium sized apple(150g) that contains 80calories.

If challenged by drinking appropriate amounts of fluids daily, take baby steps by setting small achievable hydration goals daily.

Taking half a glass or one glass in the morning will be easy then progressing to two glasses and later 3glasses (full bottle) which will come so much easier.

You don’t have to worry about holding your breath down a large water container. The baby steps yield long term good hydration habits too.

Another concern with hydration is drinking lots calories with your fluids hence the recommendation to stick to plain water avoiding our preferred drinks like sodas and sweetened fruits juices.

Spice up your water by adding green tea, red teas, lemon or ginger to your water is a good aid to drinking more fluids without worrying about extra calories yet increasing your daily antioxidant intake.

This helps prevent the nauseated feel of taking plain warm water especially in the morning while giving you better disease protection.

Preparation is key for each dietary change so put that water bottle by your bed side, on your office desk and in your handbag.

We shall explore the benefits of the antioxidants and local sources in the next article.

@Regis Dietitian


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